Editorial: The International Academy of Hermetic Knowledge/The Holy Order of the Winged Disk, 1991, USA.




Encuadernación: 28x21. Símil piel (tapa dura). 515 pgs. Ilustraciones en b/n. Texto en inglés. 691704

Sinopsis: Holy Order of the Winged Disk International Academy Hermetic Knowledge. The Complete Set of 12 Monographs taht entail 88 Total Lessons. This item is no longer in print (period). These books are apart of an Occult Order that is no longer in existence. From what I can tell these books entail the use of Egyptian Pyramid Power, Magic, Diet, Rituials, Astronomy, and a lot more. The Holy Order of the Winged Disk, headed by Phaedron Stone, is an old magical organization dedicated to Hermetic, Qabalistic, Gnostic, Rosicrucian and Alchemical practices. Copy.

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