In the heart of Spain.

Editorial: The Universal Knowledge Foundation, 1927, New York.

Autor: EWING MOORE, Thomas.-

Referencia: 71723


Encuadernación: 23x16. Tela editorial 330 pgs. Texto en inglés. Láminas y fotos. Algunas anotaciones a lápiz. (J2291)

Sinopsis: (The gateway to Andalusia - Gibraltar to Algeciras - Andalusia: Historical and travel notes. Ronda; a roman Eyrie in the sierras - Sevillle; the heart of Andalusia - Seville; people, maners, dress, and street-scenes -Semana Santa; Holy Week in Seville - Bull-fights - Andalusian festivals; grave and gay - Andalusian dances and music - Andalusian art - Three great monuments - The Archives od the Indies - In the footsteps of columbus - Motoring in Andalusia - Seville and Carmona by the old roman highway - To the capital of the caliphs - Granada - Across the plain - Seville to Huelva - Jerez de la Frontera - The whitest city in the world).


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