Presenting Soviet Cinema.

Editorial: Sovexportfilm, s. a. Moscú.

Autor: VV. AA.

Referencia: MP26862H

ISBN: no

Encuadernación: 19x13. Encuadernación rústica (tapa blanda) 128 pgs. Texto en ingles. 687376

Sinopsis: CONTENTS: The Screen and the Times, Pyotr Kostikov. Vice - chaiman, Goskino. Sovet Cinema at the Beginning of the 1980, Developmental Trends Vladimir Baskakov, D. A. Director of the All-Union research institute of film art. Actors and Roles L. Zakrzhevskaya The cinema in the USSR K. Konstantinov Critique and Film Theory in the USSR R. Sobolev and V. Fomin Debuts of the 1970 Valery Keechin.


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